In 1989 the company Joaquim Soares & Paulo, Lda. Was founded by Joaquim Soares.

On May 31, 1999, Rogério Paulo Soares together with Sandra Carla Soares became the sole owners of the company when they acquired the shares belonging to the remaining partners. Located in the Industrial Zone of Ervosas, the company has an area of 14,000 m2 and also has a covered area of 1,750 meters. In order to provide a complete and effective service to its customers, the company also has an extensive fleet of heavy and light vehicles. More recently, we acquired the old Armaro facilities, which will soon be our exhibition hall. Always trying to provide our customers with a better perspective and greater knowledge about construction materials. For over two decades, the company Joaquim Soares & Paulo, Lda. Has been dedicated to the commercialization of the most diverse building materials, ranging from aggregates, cements, mortars, ceramic and hydraulic floors, sanitary ware, roof systems or even modern plasterboards or innovative natural cement sheets. Thus, we intend to innovate your work with the best products, solutions and the best advice on techniques to use. In order to satisfy more and better the needs of current and future customers, the company has recently started selling drugstore products with a large number of items at its disposal.